About Us

WEP is an indigenous youth-led Organization registered in Kenya as a non-profit in 2018. We aim to develop the economic and social livelihoods of indigenous pastoralist communities.  

Who We Are


1. To develop existing and alternative sources of livelihood for pastoralists, especially youth and women, through economic empowerment and innovations.

2. To explore conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources especially in the face of climate change.

3. To improve and enhance pastoral indigenous peoples’ governance in our target areas so as to promote accountability.


  • Data Driven Action
  • Participative community centred approach
  • Accountability


To improve pastoralist peoples’ access to livelihoods, natural resources and human rights in Northern Kenya.


To make everyday life better for every pastoralist

The Team


CEO // Co - Founder

Adrian Leitoro


Sam Lekhoyan

Head of Programs

Brian Leseeri

Chief Finance Officer

Elias Leruk

M & E Coordinator

From time to time, WEP engages 2 volunteers (Felister Ilimo & faith Ntaapul) to assist in project activities depending on availability of funds