PILOT project

In Swahili, Wezesha means 'to enable'

The pilot project aims to contribute to building resilience among pastoralist youth and women in Marsabit County.

The project involves two components to build resilience


increasing Financial Literacy

Our model aims to use savings and loans as a tool for resilient households. We are creating self managed and self capitalised saving groups that use members’ savings to lend to each other with the aim of increasing and better managing their incomes. The emphasis particularly is savings for development .

The model targets pastoralist women involved in milk production and young men/ morans involved in livestock sales.


improving nutrition

In the highland areas of Marsabit, there is untapped potential for agriculture. The second component of the Wezesha project therefore introduces alternative sources of livelihood through backyard/ kitchen gardens that have the potential to increase dietary diversity and contribute to improving nutrition among pastoralist households as well as increase disposable incomes among pastoralists. The project also involves introduction of pasture production among pastoralists.